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These are just a few of our reviews from Yelp!



This place is the best! The teachers are all wonderful and classes are fun - I've learned so much in the past few months. It's a welcoming environment, highly recommended if pole is something you've been wanting to try and are a bit nervous like I was :)

- A. D.


I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful time i will never forget this birthday my family members also had a Ball you guys are awesome XOXOX

- Louise B.


What an incredibly sweet, welcoming space with high quality classes and instruction! I had fun, learned some new things, got a killer workout and felt right at home the whole time. They offer a nice diversity of classes (I took dance conditioning, pole and chair dance) that keep your pole game fresh and interesting. Great experience! I recommend for newbies and more seasoned polers alike.

Kirsten G.


I loved this place. When the cab pulled up to the house in which it is held, I was like, hang on..not sure... but there it is, a little studio in a mostly residential neighborhood. I went in and watched another class end. I was impressed. The teacher who taught my class, newbie pole basics, seemed to be a pro. All of us newbies were a liiitle bit shy  when the teacher said, while waiting for the music to get to the part where we would start, 'just freestyle a little bit here," and began shaking her legs in a way we had all seen on music videos. The class wasn't really feelin that as far as trying out here right away. No biggie, just funny. It's actually really nice and rare to have an open atmosphere where you can walk around in bootie shorts with other women and shake your assets. The teacher taught us a step by step little routine and we had fun learning it. I was proud of what I could do and I think most people were surprised to learn both how much better you are than you would think and how winded you will get, quickly. Pole dancing is a real workout but one of the only ones where I'm actually excited to go to: it's fun. When I left I couldn't wait to get back.

- Ellen C.


Absolutely wonderful place to learn the art of pole dancing. In an effort to gain upper body strength and learn pole dancing, I found this establishment through yelp. They offer a great package for beginners and have very convenient times for all.. The location is small but there is more than enough space to practice your moves. I signed up for a three intro classes with Kheri and have had a great time; Kheri is a wonderful teacher who not only remains patient and helpful throughout the class but she creates amazing routines that are sexy yet graceful. Val along with the other staff and students also provide an encouraging, fun atmosphere as well.  The lessons consists of a warm-up period, pole moves and a simple dance routine that summarizes what we just learned. I plan to continue my lessons here and would definitely recommend anyone to learn with them as well.

- Monique M.